How To Be A Grown Up

You know how some writers just chime with you?

How when you read their poetry, or prose, or journalism, and you feel you could be kindred spirits, so close to the nerve their writing goes? The writers who you feel ‘get’ you, who tick all those lovely empathy boxes?

For me, one of that select bunch is Daisy Buchanan. And for many others too, as evinced by her thousands of twitter followers, agony-aunt-for-Grazia gig, and her widely enjoyed and discussed writings for many other publications (seriously, I could list but we would be here a while…my faves are her witty, outspoken, wonderful writings for The PoolI have such a soft spot for that site!).  Imagine my delight then when a couple of months ago I spotted some tweets discussing an upcoming book by the divine Ms B, which I clearly had to get a copy of to review.

A little tweeting and a quick request later, my very own hot pink proof of How To Be A Grown Up (Headline, releases on April 6th) arrived, and I devoured the thing over my winter break. This is a simply marvellous book, full of humour and intelligence, but more than that, full of kindness. Daisy writes about everything, from friendship to career, love to money, the bedroom to the boardroom and fills each chapter with wisdom, as well as funny stories and interesting anecdotes aplenty. Like sitting down with a trusted friend and catching up over a drink or two, this book is not only entertaining, you come away from it feeling enriched, like you’ve got some extra hints and tips to take away.

The book seems to be pitched for twenty-somethings (it certainly seems to be the case on Amazon etc) but even being in my mid-thirties there was plenty I could reflect on and learn from, as well as plenty of cringey moments I could enjoy with a little distance from my teens and early adulthood! I would have loved to have read this when I was a little younger, but could still relish it in my current season of life.

This book straddles two very different genres with skill – it’s both a funny, entertaining read and a book chock-full of actionable, useful advice – combining the two is no mean feat! Throughout Buchanan’s talent for a story and her ear for a well-crafted line shine through, and this is a wee gem of a read. When it releases I’ll definitely be gifting a few copies to some of my best girls. Well worth your time – I’ll be looking out for this bright pink cover on my commutes to work later this year!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book to review from the publisher. All opinions, thoughts and ponderings are my own.

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  1. Riot Kitty
    3rd April 2017 / 2:24 am

    I am totally going to order this! Excellent review.

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