A Tipsy Afternoon Tea with Amara

One of the things I love about blogging is the community I get to be a part of. Like any group, there can be infighting, catty moments and jealousy, but in the main I find myself small enough and old enough (eleven years and counting writing my thoughts here!) to be able to trundle along quite happily in a little Claire-bubble. Like everyone I have good days and bad days, lists I make and lists I fail to make, but in the main I cannot complain about my lot. There have been a lot of good things, but I’m most grateful for the kickass women and men I’ve got to meet along the way, and the cool brands I get to work with and the fun events I get to attend.

One such event happened last week, when I was one of the lovely Erica‘s plus ones (she’s so fly she got two plus ones – bow down :)) to an event hosted by the lovely folks at Amara. Amara is already a site I spending far too much time browsing (homewares are my homeboys) so I was delighted to be able to make the event and meet the team! 

Amara have a site just full to the gunnels with beautiful, stylish homewares, so it was no suprise that they chose one of the city’s chicest hotels, the Sanderson, for their event. Once there we had a little time to recover from the rainstorm outside before taking our seats for the Alice in Wonderland themed tea; The Mad Hatter’s Tipsy Evening Tea, to be precise. 

Trays were brought, beladen with miniature cocktails. The cherry liqueur, orange marmalade mini espresso martini and the dark chocolate and raspberry liqueur mini martini were flavoursome, creamy delights, but I especially adored the teacup cocktails comprising spicy mango syrup and Falernum rum infused with hot Mad Hatter tea and pear and rhubarb liqueur infused with hot Mad Hatter tea. The delicate fruit and floral flavours were exquisite! As well as these we sipped Perrier-Jouet bubbles aplenty as we chatted and giggled the night away.

As soon as the teastands appeared there was a flurry of smartphones as the pictures began – the plateng was delightful! From meringue carrots nestled in the grass atop the towers to the pocketwatch macarons and checkerboard financiers on the bottom tier, it was such an imaginative and dleicious spread. Emma and I shared a tasty vegetarian tower and couldn’t finish, so generous was the spread!

The cheese scones with herb butter were a popular choice around the table. Still warm scones with lightly herbed and salted butter were a real feast for the tastebubs.

There were so many things to snap and to enjoy and the evening passed in a blur of laughter, flavour, and discussing upcoming house and home projects!

The team at The Sanderson were wonderful and made us feel so welcome. Every time I visit I’m always delighted with the service and the experience.

As we left the bar was beginning to fill for the evening. It’s such a great space, I’m going to bring Matthew for cocktails before long – if the main bar cocktails are anywhere near as delicious as those offered during the tea, we’ll be in for a treat!

After a short home on the Tube (lord bless the Central Line!) I was home and it was time to unpack my goodie bag.

Or at least try to – Fry-cat is obsessed with bags so as soon as I’d taken everything out…he was in!

And so endeth my lovely evening! Much like the event the goodie bag was delightful and full of things I’m sure will be blogged and instagrammed soon – from chic water bottles to beautiful candles to the most AMAZING towel I know I’ll be sharing soon.

Thank you to Erica for inviting me, and to Amara and The Sanderson for hosting us so beautifully. A delicious evening and gorgeous company. Cheers to that!

Disclaimer: As mentioned above, I was invited to this event and hosted beautifully. All thoughts, cats, and words my own.

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