Return of the Poppet

Ello hoomans!

It has bin a whiles, so I thoughted I would write oo all a little letter ere on Clur’s bloggy-thing. She are busy at the moment with reportehs for the itzens and getting finished with the school year, so is a sooper time for me to log on and send oo all some friendlehs. Good hevens, I are clever.

All is well in the katzen realm at the moment. Last week we did have some noisehs and bangs and we had to be banished from the kitchen an the dining room while a noo hooman did do some fiximating. That was okay until then was wets and bangs and flashes in the weather outside! Maffoo and Clur did quickly get us in and dried and we had a sits with Clur in her lair. Leela was not happeh – she does not like the thunders!

 Fry cat is getting more and more used to the hoomans both working again, but can get a bit befuddled what with holibobs and working from home – the schedule is buseh bobs and never the same!

Leela loves having early breakfasts with Clur while she noms her moosli in the mornings. But whyfore is not chicken?

Fry continues to like bags manehs…

..and huggles with Clur when she gets homes!

Me and Leela do love our Neptune box…we sometimes do even share while we is having a chats or doing a snooze!

Clue had haded many Hello Fresh deliveries cos they has given her a trial as a treet. She does like the noms, I do love the boxes!

Rite, that is quite enuff work for today – I feel it’s time for the next nap of the day. I hope all oo hoomans have enjoyded my writings, and pictures of katzen. Have a good weeks!

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