St Peter’s Basilica

Our Italy trip feels simultaneously like it was yesterday, and a lifetime ago. Do you ever get that feeling? It was a glorious blur of culture, sunshine, history, gelato, wine and churches, and I cannot wait to return. In the meantime, I’ll content myself with writing up our various visits, and getting all prepped for our new adventure (I swear, I often enjoy the planning as much as the doing!).

While we were in Rome we visited so many stunning churches, cathedrals and basilicas, so when we went to the Vatican a visit to St Peter’s Basilica had to be on the cards. And it truly did not disappoint – the whole space is full of beauty, history and wonder.

The sheer scale of the the place is awe-inspiring. The letters in the picture below are ten foot high, but need to be that big so they can be seen from the floor below!

The place was packed with tourists and pilgrims, but still retained a sense of serenity and calm.

Everywhere you turned there was a statue, a curious inscription or a stunning piece of artwork. To see Michaelangelo’s Pietá close up was quite something (it’s behind glass after someone attacked it with a hammer some years ago).

In each of the little side chapels, in recesses throughout, people were at prayer.

The windows in the magnificent dome flooded the whole space with light.

The great altar loomed dozens of feet above the ground and provided a focal point for the entire space.

Pilgrims may touch the statue of St Peter Enthroned – the right foot is smoothed by the thousands of hands that have touched this holy site to receive a blessing.

I spent so much time looking up, at the altar, the dome, and the magnificent art all around.

All was filled with light, history and beauty. If you’re in Rome I’d certainly recommend a stroll down to the Vatican city to visit this beautiful place of worship.


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