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I’ve been lucky enough to do some pretty cool things in the name of blogging. This little series is one of my pet projects, however, as it’s a fantastic way to get to share some of the awesome bloggers I work alongside and whose words, images, personalities and style I enjoy. In the series I’ve included all sorts of bloggers, of all different sizes and niches, from dear friends (one was even one of my bridesmaids!) to people I only know and admire online. Here are five more blogs I love – I’m approaching them all for interview and hopefully before long I’ll be able to feature one, some, or all of them here.

1. Connie Consumes

I knew of Connie from her awesome blog for a good long while, and in more recent times I’ve got to spend time with her as a member of Pizza Club. Connie’s writing is whip-smart, conversational and fun, and her images are beautiful. The woman is so game for trying new dishes, new flavours and cuisines, and I’m always finding great London foodie spots through her blog.

2. Dorkface

Jemma is an utter force of nature, and her beautiful, colourful blog is filled with a symphony of delights – a true lifestyle girl, she writes a little of everything. As well as being a great writer, Jemma’s a true cheerleader for the blogging community, as well as a creative and gifted maker of beautiful things.

3. Emma Inks

Emma is one of the nicest girls you’ll ever have the good fortune to meet, and is funny, clever and stylish to boot. I adore her blog and her YouTube, and tune in regularly for fashion, food, travel and Emma-thoughts. I love when I go to an event and she’s there too as it’s a guarantee of giggles and good times.

4. Smashleigh Jayne

AJ is a wee bundle of talent, humour and nerdy-awesomeness, and her blog and social are filled with all sorts of loveliness (and lashings of Harry Potter, too). I’m always grateful to read her take on things, and she’s hella funny on twitter too.

5. Vix Meldrew

I actually encountered Vix on social before I read her blog, drawn in with her spiky, sharp sense of humour and her ability with a hot take. I’m now a longtime reader of her blog, and love the diverse topics she covered. As someone who never did the online/app dating thing (#old), I love reading about it all and Vix has a great storytelling lilt which takes you on a little journey in each post. I’ve only met her IRL once, but she was uniformly charming, and her blog is too!

So that’s my picks for this go around. I’ll hope to share interviews with you in the coming months.


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