A pretty speedy Poppet post

Oh helloes, hoomans.

It is I, Poppet-cat. It has bin proper long since I did type a message fur you all, but I have managed to sneak up to the pooter while Clur is messing around wiv some wrapping paper and I thoughted I would write you all a quick hello.

So helloes, from the house of cats. We have been here for over five years now, so we is well and truly in charge. A politician would purr pretty darn hard to have a mandate (or, if you will, a paw of approve) as strong as ours.

I are still in charge and am enjoying the new season of the warms coming on. I are also growing fond of invading the hoomans raum at night time and tucking up for a nap wiv them.

Leela is still her usual scraggly self. She did hate all the fireworks noisehs and bangs but those seem to have calmed down now.

Her favourite spots to be are at the very top of the stairs, curled up in a box, or having a sits on Maffoo when he is trying to work. She continoos to make some proper silly kittun noises, from chirrups to miaooooows to her high pitched purr.

Smudge, the noo kitten, is settling in okays. When he first arrived Leela-paws did NOT like him, but now they get on okay. He and I are friends, except when he challenges me for chikun or tries to sit on me. I ARE NOT FOR SITS!

Clur and Maffoo do like Smudge manehs and have done a okay job of teaching him the ways of the Poppet. And when he does forget I do employ my paw of disapprove, for I are boss. Smoodge has also made good frens with other families around here and likes to go there for snuggles and noms when our hoomans are buseh.

Fry are the same as ever, sweet and shy and not a fan of cameras (unlike me, I do looooooove them). He has been doing some guard-catting recently and loves to check everyone is safe safe safe.

Fry and Smoodge are great frens and I think Fry does love having another boy cat to hang out with. That does meen he can get pretty sad when Smudge goes off on bimbles, but he’s getting used to it.

So that are our kittun news. All is well, there should be more chikun, and we are looking forward to Christmas when there will be many snuggles, many presents, and many hooman times. How are oo, hooman frens?

Right, I need a naps after all this work.

Purrs and paws,
Poppet-cat (BOSS)


  1. Bridget
    16th November 2017 / 1:05 pm

    Poppet I am new to your family's blog, but I am glad all of you are well, and you all are very cute as well! I hope there is a lot of chicken at Christmastime.

    • Claire
      19th November 2017 / 12:53 pm

      Well fankoo, Bridget. Crossing my paws for a tasty Christmas for all!

  2. Tanja Db
    8th February 2018 / 12:45 pm

    cute cats

  3. Sherry Mackay
    13th February 2018 / 12:29 am

    hi poppet. you are most adorable. such lucky hoomans to have you in their downtrodden lives:=) cheerssherry

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