Summer Goals

Summer goals

Not #goals, you understand. I am rarely, if ever, #goals. But as we look towards the summer months of June, July and August, it feels like a great time to focus on a few areas. As a teacher summer is a funny season – I get a lot of time away from school, but it’s also a vital season, not just for rest & relaxation, but also for planning, preparation, and setting things up for the terms to follow. Add in a change of schools to the mix and this season becomes even more vital! As well as work stuff I also want to work on a few other areas (home, health, seeing awesome people), and the blog is always a great place to note down plans like these!

Without further ado, here are my summer goals. They may not be glam, but they should be fun/helpful/useful!

Get my sleep schedule in order: I know I function best on 6.5-7 hours sleep a night in the winter, and 6-6.5 in the summer. The long break (when it arrives) is the perfect time to get everything under control.

Take a drive to the sea: I love the water, and I have a ZipCar membership. I wanted to go for a weekday roadtrip.

Start planning and sorting my new classroom: Yasssssss. I love setting up a room that is well-organised, well-resourced, bright and fun! I’m so excited to have my own space again.

Manage and sort my address list: I used to be so good at letters, notes and cards. It’s time to get back to that!

Finish Matthew’s Study: For Matthew’s birthday in July, rather than a gift (we have lots of ‘things’, you know?) or a trip (which he loves to plan too much for me to snaffle!) I said I’d sort and pay for any furnishings for his new study. I’m excited because our studies will both be up on the top floor so when we have to work on weekends and evenings we’ll be able to pop in and say hey more often!

Play some tennis: I’ve been meaning to learn for ages. I’ve finally signed Matthew and I up for lessons, and then I hope we can set a weekly/fortnightly date night for a game.

Take a drive to the countryside: Emma and I have a garden centre based plot in mind. Let’s make it happen, lady!

Plan some holidays for late 2018/2019: As we front-loaded our holidays this year, we have no big breaks planned for the rest of the year until the very tail end of 2018. I’m looking forward to sitting down with google maps open, a tonne of travel blogs up, a bottle of wine and a budget sheet on a few evenings this summer as Matthew and I plan our hols for the next year or so.

Start and finish Spare Room project: With relocating Matthew’s study upstairs, his room will become a spare room on the first floor. I’m excited to choose a different colour-scheme and mix some furniture we already have with some new pieces and some second-hand finds. All ready for guests in the autumn and winter!

Explore East London a little more: As I’m going to be living and working on this side of the city from September, I’m looking forward to getting to know neighbourhoods that are new to me, and spending more time in postcodes I already know and love.

Visit 3+ museums: London’s Museums are awesome, and I’m lucky enough to visit many of them with my classes. This summer I want to do a few solo visits too – I never regret a day learning.

Tidy and organise my study: I feel like this could be a constant goal.

Read a book a week in June, and at least three a week during July and August: I am so glad to be back to reading and enjoying literature regularly. I’d love to finish 25-30 books this season.

Volunteer for 20+ hours: I’m passionate about volunteering, but my participation has waned this year and that’s not good enough. Determined to get this in check!

Try out some new recipes: Long summer days and a more relaxed schedule makes this the ideal time for recipe creation (even if the higher temps do mean it’s often early morning/late at night if I want to pop the oven on!

Visit with family: I love catching up with the Thornley and Roper clans, as well as seeing my beloved godson. Looking forward to visits with them all!

Lose 10-20 pounds: I’m happy with the 35 pounds I’ve dropped so far, but would love to add a few more to the total over the summer months. Salads and swimming and walks in the sunshine should all help.

Set up all my spreadsheets/marksheets/planner sheets for the new school year: I am a dyed in the wool data nerd, and I know by doing this I’ll be ready to go come September.

Tidy up the garden & get more houseplants for the house: I always feel so lucky this time of year to have an outdoor space, and I’ve been meaning to get more greenery into the house for a while.

Host people at home more often: Because it’s such fun.

So there you have it, my goals for summer 2018. Some big, some small, some fun, some necessary. What do you have on the horizon? Do you have any summer goals for the months ahead?

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