The Wild Card: 7 Steps to an Educator’s Creative Breakthrough

Me to me, after finishing this book. Happy teacher!

Every so often a book sweeps across teacher instagram and it feels like about half of my friends are reading it. It’s pictured on desks, raved about in stories, and everyone seems to be learning from the same text and using it to further their CPD. So it was with The Wild Cardby educators Hope and Wade King.

I’ve been following both Hope (@elementaryshenanigans) and Wade (@_wadeking) on instagram for teacher inspiration and ideas for ages, so when I realised they had authored a book, I knew it was time to pick up a copy for myself. I read it last month and have enjoyed implementing lots of ideas into my teaching over the past few weeks…and I cannot wait to bring even more into my planning and delivery when I join my new school in September!

The Wild Card is an inspiring, practical read, full of great ideas for pushing your lessons and your students’ learning to the next level. I loved the balance the Kings struck between insisting on reflection, improvement and resilience, and understanding, empathy and realness. The books was written in warm, succinct prose, with plenty of places where a pause and a bit of honest self-examination could unfold. This is a rare teaching book in that I think it would be useful regardless of how much experience you have had – I would have adored it as a fresh NQT (newly qualified teacher), but also found plenty to contemplate and consider as someone heading for her twelfth year in the classroom (where does the time go?).

Hope and Wade want each teacher to embrace their own creativity in the classroom, and I loved that they didn’t mean for this to be a one-size-fits-all process. I’m enjoying going back through the book (I always read professional development books cover to cover then return to do the tasks) and ucovering some new ways in which I can bring the learning to life in my classroom. I also found the book quite comforting – as something of a quirky teacher it was lovely to read about other educators who are bringing a splash of liveliness and silliness to proceedings, all while keeping standards and development and learning of the best kind front and centre.

If you’re a teacher, or a trainee teacher, looking for a useful, inspiring read for over the summer break I’d heartily recommend The Wild Card Fantastically useful!


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