A Catch Up With Leela-Bear

Leela Cat

Life with four cats is never dull.

Life with four cats as different as our quartet is definitely never dull.

I thought I’d do some quick catch up posts on the fab four to update those of you who know and love them already…and by way of introduction for those of you who haven’t yet encountered them. First up, Leela.

Leela is our little tortoiseshell cat, who is just about the turn six (how time flies!). She was adopted from the Celia Hammond Animal Trust along with her mother and brother back in the summer of 2012. She was the tiniest little thing and such a scaredy cat to begin with – scared of people, of stairs, of loud noises, of Matthew. That didn’t last long though – she’s now a very brave, happy cat who loves to range, lives to run, and adores her Matthew, her hooman of choice for sits and belly rubs. She’s also very fond of me and loves to sit close when I’m reading, or to watch trashy TV with me on the iPad.

Leela is not that sure about other humans and will often jump over the fence and hide when a new person appears. Within a wee while, though, her inner nosiness will trump her fraidy-cat ness, and she’ll come in for a head fuss. The girl loves a head fuss. While braver now, she still doesn’t like loud noises and is especially scared of thunderstorms – we have several boxes and duckets for Leela and the other cats to retreat to when a storm arrives.


Leela is fine with our other cats, but I also think she’d be the happiest of our gang if she had ever had to live as a solo cat. Her favourite time of day is when Matthew and I have retired to bed for the evening and she sneaks in via our window for cuddles and a nice sit together. She has the most awesome high-pitched purr and the most brilliant chatty chirrup when she’s in the mood for some interaction. She also makes the most hilarious low noise (imagine sonar or an old-fashioned radio seeking a signal) when she is displeased by something Fry or Smudge is doing.

As well as her name, Leela answers to Miss Paws or Leela-Bear. She likes cat food or chicken and will touch little else (unlikely Smudge the gannet cat who will try to eat everything, given half a chance). She loves to bound up and down the stairs and being sung to (a good alto ballad will deliver a wonderful purr and some head-bops, I have found), and her TV taste is very much on the Real Housewives… to Ru Paul’s Drag Race theme. She hates Vanderpump Rules, however.

So that’s our Leela! More on our other cats, soon.

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