Happy Summer!

And just like that it’s the summer holidays. I’ve had such a lovely start to the break. A lovely send off from the school I’m leaving, a Friday staying as still as humanly possible (and in 31 degree temperatures, it’s possible to stay very, very still indeed!), and then a Saturday celebrating Matthew’s birthday. A Sunday of relaxing, a Monday of tidying and finishing up in school, a Tuesday of culture…and now the summer break stretches out in front of me for weeks and weeks and weeks.
Summer is undoubtedly a huge perk of the teacher profession, and I tend to divide the time in two. July is for reading, relaxing, working out, catching up with friends and dealing with various home-based projects. As mundane as it may be it’s such a great time to catch up on life admin, appointments, and DIY projects, as well as lots and lots of quality time with my favourite people. June and September are the busiest months in my year so summer is when I try to make sure I’m very present and available before the September tide sweeps in.
Late July/August is the transition from recovering from the previous school year and looking forward to the next. I have so many fun things ahead – new classes to meet, new colleagues to get to know, a classroom to decorate (always a fave) and a whole new area of London to get to know better. I’m looking forward to getting set up and ready to rock the 2018/19 year in my new spot. Starting at a new school is always daunting, but I’m a big believer in the two Ps – positivity and preparation – and feel happy and ready for the new start.
We don’t tend to take a big break in the summer – Matthew works through most of the season and with so much travel in the first quarter we’re a little more homebound than usual anyway! We’ll head north for a week though, to escape the London rush. I’m so looking forward to days in Moray full of hills and sea! It’ll also be lovely to catch up with the rest of the Roper contingent as my in-laws celebrate 40 years of marriage.
So that’s summer, stretching out before me. Sunshine and friends and adventures and cocktails and relaxation and visits and silliness. I can’t wait!

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